Michał Chyrek

About me

I have experience both in agencies and by working directly with clients from all over the world. I had the opportunity to design for large brands: KFC, Amrest, Technics, ABB, Randstad. I also carried out projects for institutions from the banking and government sectors in Poland.

Currently, I run my own design studio in Poland. I advise and prepare tailored solutions for companies, startups, agencies as well as individual clients. As a side project, together with 5 talented people we are launching a startup, called Mobigol. It is a huge database of football statistics from Polish leagues at every level of the competition.

I like chess and martial arts, especially ju-jitsu. Both of these sports are very similar. They show your own limits and you have to predict upcoming moves. As well as step-by-step decision-making, which is of great use in design.

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How I'm different

Analytical mind

I graduated in technical studies, which makes it easier for me to understand and delve into more complex topics. I try to understand the client’s business.

Remote work experience

I have over 10 years of experience in remote work with clients from all over the world. I was able to develop my own design process.


I like to analyze various solutions, learn new things and delve into a given topic. I try to solve problems creatively.

My workshop

I create wire-frames and ui designs, both in Adobe XD. This solution has the advantage of smoother transition between these 2 stages. For analysis and research I use a whiteboard (XD plugin) with canvases, personas etc. I works with design systems and create them myself.

I use an 8pt grid in my projects. It allows me to maintain better consistency and proportion. I can argue my design decisions well. I know the basics of html/css, which is why I know the limitations in and it is easier for me to validate already implemented solutions. I prepare a link with all assets and styles - it reduces plenty time for developers.

In addition to a pencil, markers, sticky notes and a lot of paper - below is a list of the most popular tools I use at work: